Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays
Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays

Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays

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Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays are imbued with Scalar and BioMagnetism to charge the cells of your body to assist in self-healing.

The Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays are beautiful sacred geometrical patterns to hand on your wall or apply for decoration around your home that are calibrated with the following benefits:

  • The Source Center Vibration
  • The Kundalini Healing Power
  • Crop Circle Charged Energy
  • Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz - Frequency of the Earth)
  • 9 Healing Color Rays: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Violet, White and Gold

The Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays are the first AetherX Technology to hold the Fibonacci Sequence where all vibrations imbued in each array pulse and oscillate at 1/1000th of a second following the Golden Mean. This exponentially amplifies the vibratory Torus field within the Arrays radiating their strength to multiple levels of intensity that could fill the circumference larger than a family home. This effect is called the Astral Fibonacci Sequence Overlay as the pulsations and oscillations of the vibratory field are happening within the astral plane, yet the effect of it is anchored through the Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Array delivering powerful energies to an entire household.

The Wall Arrays are developed to radiate these powerful transcendental energies to the maximum capability through their wooden designs that bring harmony and equilibrium to your space. They can also be used for personal healing as you can place the arrays near your beds, couches, or even upon your body. Their purpose is to charge your space with pure energies, discharge stagnant energies and balance the energetics within your environment.

Wall array size: Approx 7-8 inches (Hamsa Array: 13.75").

The Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays comes in 8 different styles:

  • Metatron's Cube style
  • Ankh style
  • OM Mantra style
  • Flower of Life style
  • Sri Yantra style
  • Hamsa style
  • Star Tetrahedron style
  • Star Tetrahedron Mandala style

The Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays can also be purchased in an offered bundle. They are perfect for the rejuvenation of your environment and for your body.

The Wall Arrays do not require activation or amplification as they are ready to work as soon as you receive them.

Gwen's Experience with us

"My first experience with the Aether Bed Trial Symbol was a few days ago. I put one symbol inside my pillow case and used one on my stomach. As I laid on my bed I relaxed and tuned in to the energies. It felt like 5th and 6th dimensional energies all around me and I noticed I was smiling. I can't wait to experience the complete Aether Bed with these symbols all throughout. This was a great sample. Thank you Brad."


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Wooden Rejuvenation Wall Arrays