Prana Bed Kits

    Prana Bed Kits are designed to retrieve strong vibrational charge from your solar plexus (living prana battery for your body) and discharges energetic blocks in your body to alleviate common ailments and illnesses. It contains a healing and sleep mode + a concentration mode. Similar to how one speaks to a Tarot or Oracle deck, concentration mode lets you speak aloud or by thought to the bed and have it focus on any area of your body based on your choosing. Prana Bed Kits also work to detoxify emotional and mental blockages from the body. The Prana Bed Kits are created with 100% polyester.

    Torus Bed Kits

    Similar to the Prana Bed, Torus Bed works identically in discharging energetic blocks and detoxifies the emotional and mental conflicts within the body, but uses the pure charge of the Source Vibration Field (resides in the center within every cell and atom in the body). The Torus bed has only one mode (Activation) and is the simpler version of our bed kits. The Torus Bed Kits are created with 100% organic cotton.

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