Unique spiritual art found nowhere else that takes the form of sacred geometry & visually appealing items that deliver miraculous states of healing to our buyers! Our products are eye-catching and the divine healing they deliver defy explanation!


Healing geometrical patterns printed upon 3D printed art pieces, bed kits, flashlights, massage mats, card decks, crystals, orgonite, essential oils, wearables and more... Simple items that wield the greatest surprises of Source healing to replenish the body, mind & environment!

one-of-a-kind art collections!

Our collection of healing spiritual art items has been reviewed from our supporters worldwide... From miraculous personal healings to manifestations have been reported! Our Source-imbued works of art offer a spiritual richness to our buyers as rare treasures not found anywhere else on Earth!


Spiritual Healing Art meets Mobile Technology to Rejuvenate Body, Mind & Environment!
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what our customers are saying...


"I received my sample cards and within 4 days, I have noticed a notable difference from the energy (especially activating the Aether Bed Trial Symbol and feeling the deep resonating energy in the palm on my hand and while the Aether Bed Trial Symbol cards (and some of the Body, Mind and Energy cards) are laying on my body while sleeping and mediating. Placing the sample cards on my glass of water or jug of water, completely changes the taste to be softer, smoother in feel and a lot nicer in taste."

~ Alice Bacon.

"I love my blue AetherX sheets! Half of my nights have been healing mode and half have been sleeping mode. These sheets are absolutely helping me shift in my life right now. My lucid dreaming is off the charts and I wake up feeling incredible and vibrant. The synchronicity was the day that my sheets came, I had a really bad cut on the back of my neck. The fIrst night with AetherX I slept on the pillow in healing mode. The next day injury was 90% gone!  Amazing and welcome addition to my life."

~ Lisa Gilman

"Source Flashlight is Amazing! Feeling so blessed 🙌 no more pain. I have suffered with the left side of my neck and shoulder for years. It's due to a habit while sleeping on my left hand side. Also just recently strained my knee slightly so used to the torch twice that day for 5 mins. All good to go the following morning. Absolutely love ❤️ it!"

~ Jane C.

I have been using the Aether bed Trial Symbol for nearly 10-12 days. I have put one symbol inside my pillow case and the other 3 under my bed sheet. I am nearly 70 years old so I decided  to stop dyeing my gray hair which I had done for the last 3 months. As you can see in the picture, I noticed something. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or the bathroom lighting. I noticed my hair behind on the right side was darkling on the right side of my head by itself, like salt and pepper. I got excited. I could not believe my eyes. It looked like i had sprayed my hair colour on my hair which i have not now the middle of my hair has started too. Will my whole gray hair turn darker? Excited!

~ Lilian Priwsek

"Ok wow!!! I had to share this! I decided to put the trial symbol under my bed sheets so I was laying on top of it. I put it roughly where the back of my heart chakra is. I had the best sleep I've had in 3-4 weeks! I had a deep sleep and woke up refreshed. Although I had the symbol near my heart chakra, I feel a lot of relief in my lower back. I can't wait to try the bed kit now!!!"

~ Laura M.

The Joint, Cartilage and Stiffness cards have relieved soreness in my back and shoulders. I’ve experienced a reduction in floaters using the Eye cards, and the Mind card set has helped me through some emotional issues as well. My energy levels have been enhanced as well as my mental focus and concentration!

Barb Salerno
Los Angeles, CA

With the Torus bed kit, I feel an immediate transfer of energy when I lie on top of the cover. It is easy to talk to the Torus bed and before going to sleep I ask a number of things and to my surprise in the morning those things are taken care of. I had 4 operations on my knees and its condition has improved thanks to the healing I receive from the Torus bed kit! AetherX is just an incredible discovery for me!

Luc Geerits
our rejuvenation technology...

From our bed kits, to source light technology, card decks, crystals, orgonite, jewelry, and accessories... AetherX is a one-of-a-kind provider of miraculous living spiritual technology designed to improve and rejuvenate the body and mind!

You will not find such incredible products anywhere else that can work with the both the body and the environment and deliver a lasting effect towards personal wellness and environmental rejuvenation!

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