AetherX is the name given for the world's first living spiritual technology company that offers common everyday items refined as transcendental rejuvenation technology to aid in one's personal health, wellness and rejuvenation.

AetherX began first as the Healing Code Cards in 2019. It's creator, Brad Johnson, is a spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer who has been working deeply within the spiritual/metaphysical field for approximately 15 years. Through Brad's deep work with healing, metaphysical study and knowledge in ancient techniques, he was able to devise a method similar to transcendental meditation and in an altered state of being to imbue concentrated commands of thoughts into symbols that could be used upon everyday items. This effect wielded profound results as his own health was improving, and prototypes of his work were given to his friends and long-term clients. They too received powerful rejuvenation effects in their personal health through the symbols.

​The codes within the AetherX products are completely invisible to the physical eyes. But when you begin to use them, it is common to feel your body reacting to the transcendental AetherX codes. The geometry acts as a sacred container to encase the codes imposed through Brad's transcendental commands. Similar to how one would have a Reiki session where symbols are used to heal the body. Only in this case, the symbols have no physical substance until they are anchored in place to the product's geometry.

AetherX's product line consists of multiple different product specifically designed to aid in the replenishment and rejuvenation of the body, mind and environment.

 Our Torus Bed Kits are available from Twin to King sizes and are designed to work on the entire body, mind and energy levels. Our Source Light Technology works with the most power of subtle source vibration to replenish damaged areas of the body. AetherX also offers card decks which have been created to diminish problems within the body and the mind. We also have Source Vibration Charged crystals, orgonite, jewelry, accessories, essential oils and much more!

Our mission as a unique living spiritual technology company is to help you in bringing pristine wellness to you personally and to your environment. With the wide variety of products available through our website, you can transform your own home into.an energetic healing center as you work with the ancient spirit technologies that work through the subtle vibrations of the universe bringing you back into a pristine state of wellness!


Please visit our contact page and drop us an email as we're always happy to share more insight on AetherX with you!