AetherX is the name given for the world's first apparel, accessory and household items company that contains transcendental commands of concentrated thought directly within its products to aid in one's personal health, wellness and rejuvenation.

AetherX began first as the Healing Code Cards in 2019. It's creator, Brad Johnson, is a spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer who has been working deeply within the spiritual/metaphysical field for approximately 15 years. Through Brad's deep work with healing, metaphysical study and knowledge in ancient techniques, he was able to devise a method similar to transcendental meditation and in an altered state of being to imbue concentrated commands of thoughts into symbols that could be used upon everyday items. This effect wielded profound results as his own health was improving, and prototypes of his work were given to his friends and long-term clients. They too received powerful rejuvenation effects in their personal health through the symbols.

​The codes within the AetherX products are completely invisible to the physical eyes. But when you begin to use them, it is common to feel your body reacting to the transcendental AetherX codes. The geometry acts as a sacred container to encase the codes imposed through Brad's transcendental commands. Similar to how one would have a Reiki session where symbols are used to heal the body. Only in this case, the symbols have no physical substance until they are anchored in place to the product's geometry.

The product line of AetherX currently consists of three different card decks (formerly known as the Healing Code Cards) and includes the Body, Mind, and Energy decks. Each deck contains 44 beautifully designed cards containing geometric patterns and the AetherX transcendental codes within each one.

 The Aether Bed Kit is another recent product where you can add this unique kit to your own bed, and through simple commands either said aloud, or through intended thought, your bed turns into a rejuvenation spirit technology aiding you in enhancing your body through your prana (life force energy).

​AetherX also has its own selection of print-on-demand apparel and accessories that assist in personal rejuvenation and wellness: from shirts, pants, hats, socks, water bottles, and more.

​​AetherX's goal is to combine the ancient ways of healing through prana together with modern everyday items to improve one's health and wellness overall. Through the beauty of symbols and geometric patterns imbued with AetherX's transcendental codes, and through the medium of clothing, accessories, cards, bed kits, and other common household products, everyday people can reap the benefit of enjoying modern living and receive the effects of personal improvement and rejuvenation in the process.