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I have CP, with chronic arthritis in almost every joint. I also get cortisone injections in my SI joint. I felt I could achieve healing another way. I need a second spinal fusion as I have stenosis and 5 pinched nerves and unstable vertebrae. These are just a few of the chronic pain issues.

In the short 12 hours of having the large blanket, I use like a fitted sheet and pillow case. My dogs breathing isn’t as loud, she used to snore so loudly! It’s very quiet. I feel asleep naturally sometime around 10pm. I awoke at 6:27 this morning feeling refreshed! This is so exciting to have dramatic results in just 12 hours!

I also felt a light warmth laying on the printed code. I’d put it under my lower back and painful SI joint. After an hour, I could walk nearly pain free in my home! It works quicker than pain meds, which at best only reduce 30% of pain. I haven’t been pain free in 23 years! So you will understand my excitement for your products! Oh, the quality and feeling is incredible!

DECK REVIEW By Barb Salerno
Body & Mind

I began working with the Body and Mind cards a year ago and they have helped immensely on both levels. The Joint, Cartilage and Stiffness cards have relieved soreness in my back and shoulders. I’ve experienced a reduction in floaters using the Eye cards, and the Mind card set has helped me through some emotional issues as well. The face cloth vibrations are palpable and energizing and same for the t-shirts. My energy levels have been enhanced as well as my mental focus and concentration. I’ll be buying more products soon! Thank you for your wonderful work and for creating and sharing these healing products.


Hi everyone from AetherX. First I would like to say something about the Tshirts. I usually meditate every evening for about an hour. With the AetherX Activator shirt on, I am much more focused and reach faster than usual a state of profound depth.

With the Torus bed kit, I feel an immediate transfer of energy when I lie on top of the cover. It is easy to talk to the Torus bed and before going to sleep I ask a number of things and to my surprise in the morning those things are taken care of. I had 4 operations on my knees and its condition has improved thanks to the healing I receive from the Torus bed kit! AetherX is just an incredible discovery for me!

T - Shirt / Apparel Review

Leslie Noble

Healing Card Deck Review

Sherri ❤


I have been using my Prana Bed Kit for over 3 months now and I wanted to let you know of the wonderful improvements I have been noticing. I am 77 and live in a seniors community. Last fall my legs were giving me so much grief that I went for days without walking to visit my 92 year old friend who lives just a block away. Now, after using the Prana bed for just 3 months I walk there several times a day and often notice how good my legs feel. I have also noticed that I can bend further and easier. The other major improvement is my digestion - and even my clothes are more comfortable. I now also use the Torus Duvet Sheets on top and I feel truly blessed. I would not give them up!

Gwen Silk


I had damaged the nerves in my feet and utilized the Torus Bed Kit duvet cover to aid in healing. It was effective! I'm excited with the new cotton cover and to be surrounded with all that cotton goodness! Thank you very much, AetherX!

James Ferreri