Earthing Socks
Earthing Socks
Earthing Socks
Earthing Socks

Earthing Socks

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Download the PDF Instruction manual for the Earthing Insoles HERE

AetherX Earthing Socks imbued with Scalar and BioMagnetism to charge the cells of your body to assist in self-healing.

Just like the AetherX Earthing Insoles, the Earthing Socks offer great comfort and provide powerful healing benefits for your body. The Earthing Socks are 100% pure cotton and come in two different sizes + colors (black and white).

The AetherX Earthing symbol contains the Source Center Vibration and Transcendental codes that capture the vibration of the Earth's Schumann resonance (7.83 HZ baseline frequency) and radiates the natural energy of Mother Earth through your entire body. The Transcendental codes imbued in the symbol also aid in bringing the Source Center Vibration into the tendons, ligaments, tissues, fibers, muscles, joints, and bones within the toes, feet, ankles, knees, legs, thighs, and hips specializing in concentrated healing of the lower half of your body.

The healing benefits of the Earthing theme contained within the insoles offers a powerful and profound level of healing for the lower half of the body on both a physical and emotional level. 

The activation instructions (PDF) for the Earthing Socks is included on this page. Please follow the instructions to activate, transfer, and amplify the Earthing Insoles so that you can enjoy the full benefit of this powerful healing technology for the lower half of the body!

the newest mode

transfer mode

Your shirt harnesses your living prana to transfer healing energies to anyone you physically touch who wants to receive profound personal healing from your living prana. The benefits you receive from the shirt, they too will receive upon physical touch as you rejuvenate them through the new Transfer mode feature.


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