Wooden Photo Engraving with Healing Symbol

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Healing Symbol

Once you have ordered your Wooden Photo Engraving, send the photo of your choosing to our email, info@aetherx.co. Please see below for photo requirements.

For more information on this product, please download the PDF Instruction manual above the description.

Have your own photo laser engraved on wood while having a healing symbol included to delliver 24/7 healing energies to your hologram. You can select one of three mandalas that will appear in the corner of the wooden engraving. Once you receive your wooden engraving, all you have to do is activate the healing symbol in the engraving and 24/7 healing works on your photo.

Healing effects that are included in the healing symbol linked to the photo includes:

  • Source Center Vibration and Scalar Vibration to bring increased cellular charge in the body and encourage peaceful meditative states.
  • Sun Frequency (432 Hz) to balance Vitamin D and Vitality levels
  • Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) to ground vital energies and transmute positive ions into negative ions
  • 12 Colour Vibrational Frequencies for all areas of the organs keeping organs replenished, strong and balanced + elimination of common diseases/illnesses within the body.
  • Kundalini Healing Power to govern the harmonized flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid and the body and the balancing of all prana cycles within the body.
  • FIbonacci overlay to pulse and oscillate vibrations imbued to a distance of nearly half a mile in radius.


  • Please do not have clothing coloured white in the photo as it will not show up in the engraving.
  • Multiple people can be in the photo without white coloured clothing.
  • Try to have the photo with a simple plain background if possible. A background without a great deal objects as this makes it difficult for engraving.
  • Please no overexposed or underexposed photos. Please provide a photo of good quality.

Product can take up to 4-7 business days to complete based on consumer demand.

meet the prana bed kit

The Prana Bed is a living spiritual technology that obeys your commands pertaining to personal healing. Upon physical contact and vocal or thought command, you are able to communicate to the bed to concentrate the living residual prana from your solar plexus into a certain area of the body that you prioritize: be it an organ, area of they body, gland, etc. Upon this command, the Prana Bed will concentrate on this area you specify in both Healing and Sleep modes.

Gwen's Experience with us

"My first experience with the Aether Bed Trial Symbol was a few days ago. I put one symbol inside my pillow case and used one on my stomach. As I laid on my bed I relaxed and tuned in to the energies. It felt like 5th and 6th dimensional energies all around me and I noticed I was smiling. I can't wait to experience the complete Aether Bed with these symbols all throughout. This was a great sample. Thank you Brad."


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Wooden Photo Engraving with Healing Symbol