Source Massage Mat

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AetherX Source Massage Mat imbued with Scalar and BioMagnetism to charge the cells of your body to assist in self-healing.

NOTE: This product is sent from our warehouse in Eastern Canada, along with all Torus Bed products, Flashlights, Selenite, and Face Cloths. All other products on AetherX are sent from Western Canada. Please be aware of this when ordering as you will receive two packages. Thank you.

The newest electronic product from AetherX has arrived: The AetherX Source Massage Mat! The Source Massage Mat uses the power of physical vibration and infrared heat to radiate subtle vibrational fields through AetherX transcendental source coding that are imbued into the AetherX symbol and Yin Yang symbol on the mat.

The Source Massage mat can be used while sitting or laying down. The full length of the mat is approximately 6 feet.


The Source Massage Mat has 8 different settings for a shiatsu-like vibration massage The 8 settings include:

  • Massage Scrapping
  • Massage Beating
  • Massage Kneading
  • Massage Hitting
  • Massage Hammer
  • Massage Finger
  • Massage Rolling
  • Massage Oscillation of all 7 sensations above

The Source Massage Mat also includes an Infrared therapy massage option where you can select to have the infrared option on by itself, or with the above massage settings.

You can also select the position, speed, and intensity of the Source Massage Mat to your discretion of comfort. The mat can operate through 10, 20, or 30 minute sessions.


As the Source Massage Mat is AetherX technology, you will find features found in no other massage mat. 

  • The Source Massage Mat radiates Scalar (Source Center Vibration) at over 35+ feet when the mat is turned on.
  • The Source Massage Mat radiates a 15 healing color ray vibration (including crop circle energy) assisting in energizing your cells while you enjoy a comforting massage.
  • The Source Massage Mat radiates the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) grounding your energy.
  • The Source Massage Mat functions through an encoded Fibonacci Sequence overlay imbued within the mat to pulse, oscillate and strengthen the applied vibratory fields in the mat extending the field over 35+ feet!
  • The infrared light bulbs (red bulbs) on the mat radiates all vibrational fields when the infrared heating therapy function is turned on.
  • No activation or amplification is required as the the AetherX features are included with the mat when you receive it.

The Source Massage Mat comes with printed manufacturer instructions on how to use the basic functions of the mat. No AetherX PDF instructions are needed as the mat doesn't require activation or amplification. It is ready to use as soon as you receive it.