Orgonite Source Necklace w/ Crop Circle Energy

Orgonite Source Necklace w/ Crop Circle Energy

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AetherX Orgonite Source Necklace imbued with Scalar and BioMagnetism to charge the cells of your body to assist in self-healing.

The Orgonite Source Necklace takes healing through wearing a necklace to the next level. Not only are you receiving the healing power of Orgonite, but you are also receiving the healing power of a genuine crop circle captured from a quartz stone discovered on-site within the crop circle's design in Wiltshire, England. Additionally, you are receiving the powerful healing effect of the Source Center Vibration radiating through the powerful carrier of orgonite material.

The Orgonite Source Necklace helps to balance the natural living energies within one's body radiating the healing power of the Source Center Vibration together with the powerful life force energy of the All-Seeing-Eye Crop Circle. The Orgonite Source Necklace can also be concentrated through thought providing deep healing to any area of the body. No activation is required, and the necklace is already set at maximum amplification so you receive the most powerful benefit from the energetics contained from within the necklace. Simply wear it upon your neck and let the Source Energy, Crop Circle Energy and Orgonite Energy work on your body.

The Orgonite Source Necklace contains transcendental AetherX codes to radiate the energetics contained within the Orgonite material to bring healing and rejuvenation naturally to all organs, glands, bodily systems, and energy systems to the physical body. 

To direct the energy from within the necklace, place your hand and/or fingers on the necklace, and concentrate on an area of the body that you would like to receive Source energy upon. Stay aware of the area of your body receiving the healing after 60 seconds, and you may feel physical sensations of powerful release taking place through the Source Necklace.

No Activation is required for this necklace and requires no instructions for use. Once your receive it, simply wear it around your neck, and the healing benefits will immediately begin working on your body.

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The Prana Bed is a living spiritual technology that obeys your commands pertaining to personal healing. Upon physical contact and vocal or thought command, you are able to communicate to the bed to concentrate the living residual prana from your solar plexus into a certain area of the body that you prioritize: be it an organ, area of they body, gland, etc. Upon this command, the Prana Bed will concentrate on this area you specify in both Healing and Sleep modes.

Gwen's Experience with us

"My first experience with the Aether Bed Trial Symbol was a few days ago. I put one symbol inside my pillow case and used one on my stomach. As I laid on my bed I relaxed and tuned in to the energies. It felt like 5th and 6th dimensional energies all around me and I noticed I was smiling. I can't wait to experience the complete Aether Bed with these symbols all throughout. This was a great sample. Thank you Brad."


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