Torus Bed Sleeping Kit (Throw Blanket + Pillow Case)

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PDF Instruction Manual: DOWNLOAD HERE

The newest Torus Bed Combination Kit has arrived! The power of Torus Bed Kit technology available through a combination of the Torus Throw Blanket and a single Standard sized Pillow Case. Both items contain the Torus Bed codes and require activation when you receive the kit in the mail.

Blanket size: Personal throw blanket (fits single sized bed - 38" x 75")
Color of Blanket and Pillowcase: Grayscale theme (Black and White)

The Torus Bed Sleeping Kit blanket is made out of 100% Sherpa Fleece and is extremely comfortable. The single pillow case is soft minkly fleece fabric and is a perfect material for a good night's rest. A personal throw blanket and a perfect solution for not only great comfort, but BioScalar and BioMagnetic vibration to aid in the rejuvenation and revitalizing of your body.

The Torus Bed Sleeping kit helps to rejuvenate the cells of your body and additionally:

  • Uses the 15-color vibrational frequency array and imbued transcendental codes to work with the full spectrum of recharging the organs, glands, cells and bodily systems.
  • Works with your chakras and energy systems of the body balancing them.
  • Uses BioScalar and BioMagnetic symbols to harmonize the body's natural state of wellness.
  • Works with the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) to ground your energies with the Earth's living frequency.
  • Utilizes the Fibonacci Sequence Overlay to pulse and oscillate the vibrational frequencies within the bed to expand the energy field over 100 feet through the Scalar field.

NOTE: When you receive the Torus Sleeping Kit in the mail, take it out of its package and wash in cold water with a mild detergent before using. When drying, keep it on low heat and have it on a 'delicates' setting. These settings help to preserve the high quality printed dyes on the fabric.

turn your bedroom into a natural healing place


The Torus Bed has a single activation mode which includes automatic functions in balancing your brainwaves and encouraging natural sleep as your circadian rhythm is monitored through the AetherX Transcendental Codes.

When Activated, the Torus Bed activates the source center point in your cells, chakras, and acupoint meridians to detoxify every cell in the body and replenish it with the perfect power of the divine center.

The Torus Bed works with every cell in your body and rejuvenates your body on a physical, mental, emotional, vital, karmic, and akashic level. Improvement of health and well-being begins within days of using the Torus Bed bringing new life into your body!


The Torus Bed Kit when activated can be used by multiple others (including pets and plants). When you activate the Torus Bed, others can reap the benefit of its healing effects together.

Yes! Humans, animals and even plants can reap the benefits of using the Torus Bed.

The Torus Bed Kit has no age limits as it balances the energy of each person through the monitoring of their circadian rhythm. Everyone who uses the Torus Bed Kit will have the appropriate amount of healing energy working with them.

Yes! As long as your body is making weighted contact (not skin contact) with the bed sheet, duvet cover and pillow case, you will receive the benefits of the Torus Bed Kit. You are more than welcome to have other coverings over it as long as you are in physical contact with the components of the Torus Bed.

If the Torus Bed feels too intense for you when you have activated it with no amplification, you can refer to the Torus Bed Kit instruction PDF manual on how to turn off the bed function.​

If you are working with the amplification function of the Torus Bed Kit, it would be recommended to start of with small percentages of amplification at first (e.g. - 5% or 10%) and maintain that rate of amplification for at least a week, and then feel free to amplify the bed every 5% or 10% for the next week and continue with this pattern.

If you are not feeling any sensation from the bed, feel free to increase the amplification. However, even if you are not feeling any sensations, that does not mean the bed is not working on you, it just means you're not on the level of energetic sensitivity to feel it. If this is the case, continue to work with it more overtime and you will start to feel it more as time progresses.

When you place your order through AetherX, it is processed through our supplier, Art of Where. Our supplier takes on average 7 business days to complete the production of an order. That means that your Bed Kit is being custom designed for you. This process involves sewing, printing and packaging the bed kit together. Once it is completed in the production phase, it moves onto the shipping phase where your order will be provided a tracking link. Once that tracking link appears on your order, AetherX support staff will email you your tracking link for your order. Shipping time varies per country, but on average, shipping takes approximately 5-10 business days. So expect approximately 2-3 weeks for your Bed Kit to reach you.

Torus Bed Sleeping Kit (Throw Blanket + Pillow Case)