3 decks - 44 Cards each designed to rejuvenate the body


The Body, Mind, and Energy Decks... Each containing 44 cards specifically designed to repair, rejuvenate and restore the energy systems within your body.

revolutionary self healing technology

The Body, Mind, and Energy Decks comes with 44 beautifully geometrically designed cards with a laminated finish for durability. Each card contains the AetherX transcendental codes that encourage deeper inner repair and rejuvenation of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

The Transmuter Products & Environmental Healing Technology to come!

In this week's blog, I'm going to talk a little bit more about our latest Transmuter technology available now + the upcoming environmental technologies to come called the AetherX "Safeguards."

The Transmuters

The AetherX Transmuters are our latest spiritual technology that aid in preserving food, liquids, clothing and all other forms of material contained within your backpack, duffel bag, or tote bag. This is the perfect solution when carrying groceries, or going on a camping trip, or finishing at the gym. All contents, particularly edible contents, will be preserved and purified by the AetherX transcendental codes contained within the Transmuter symbol.

Foods and liquids will be preserved through the power of their own life force, and germs/bacteria from clothing will be neutralized through the Transmuter. Even more amazing is the Transmuter works to help prevent any detrimental effects from EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies), ELF (Extreme Low Frequencies) and all other forms of toxic environmental electricity.


And as many shops around the world are encouraging you to bring your own bag, you could not ask for a more efficient tote bag then having your own AetherX Transmuter! 

An experiment I would like to suggest to you so that you can see for yourself the great difference in using the Transmuter for carrying and preserving your food is to use an ordinary cloth bag and taste the food that you have within it. Then, have some food in the Transmuter tote bag and taste the difference. You will be pleasantly surprised as you will taste the difference from food that is being preserved through its own life force in comparison to food that is not. Give it a try and share your results with us through our Telegram group or on Facebook!

AetherX Cards Arrival Update!

I have good news in regards to the AetherX Body and Mind Decks. The Energy Decks arrived early and I am already fulfilling orders for the Energy Deck cards. As for the Body and Mind Decks, I have received word that they will be delivered to my location on Friday, May 26th.

With this news, I have decided to extend the CARDDECKS20 20% off coupon code for all AetherX Card Decks until May 26th. So please take advantage of the discount preorder coupon code that's available now while it lasts. All preorders will end of May 26th as the Card Decks are fully restocked and available on that day. Thank you! 

AetherX Livestream Recording from May 17th

In case you missed the AetherX Livestream on May 17th, you may want to check out the recording as I shared a great deal information pertaining to the AetherX Transmuters and the up and coming AetherX Safeguard technology. The AetherX Safeguards will be an assortment of different geometrical technologies that will aid in neutralizing harmful electrical emissions and fuel emissions from vehicles, as well as environmental toxicities from your home and surrounding space.

AetherX 3D Arrays in Development

In addition, the AetherX 3D Arrays were discussed as they will be a combination of Safeguard living technology and Torus Bed technology offering healing and rejuvenation support to the environment within your home and to people, animals, and plants. 

AetherX Hexahedron Array in development
Above is the current concept of one of the three arrays in development: The AetherX Hexahedron (cube). The 3D arrays will be custom-made to distribute transcendental codes throughout the entire environment through a vast radius of up to 10 feet spherically. The Arrays will be hollow and you can place objects inside them to become charged with the AetherX transcendental codes. I would recommend charging a slew of crystals and placing them around your home so that they too can emanate the healing effect of the 3D Array.
More information on the 3D arrays will be coming in the next blog entry. Thank you again for being an AetherX supporter and helping our cause in spreading this exciting healing technology far and wide. Please share this blog and our products with your family, friends and subscribers so that they too can rejuvenate themselves by bringing their inner power outwards through AetherX technology!
With love and blessings!
Brad Johnson