Torus Bed Gray Pillow Case

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The Torus Bed Pillow Case contains the powerful source vibration healing codes to aid in the healing and refinement of the entire body and its energy systems. It works in tandem with the Torus Bed Duvet Cover and Blanket.

Drift to sleep in luxurious comfort with cotton sateen bed pillow cases. They’re what every bed didn’t know it was missing!

• Pillow Sizes: Standard - 35" x 41", King - 45" x 41"
• Made from silky-soft cotton sateen
• Available in both standard and king size
• Option of either double sided sleeve style or envelope sham style with a white back
• 3 inch foldover edge finishing on sleeve style
• Digitally printed with reactive inks

Have a look at the instruction DOWNLOAD HERE

The Torus Bed items are sold separately, however we would suggest ordering the bundle of a duvet cover and two pillow cases that comprises the Torus Bed Kit!

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3 steps

how to use

1. Place the Torus Bed Kit on your bed.

2. Place your hand anywhere on the bed, front or back.

3. Optionally, you have the ability to amplify the intensity of the Torus Bed’s function by placing your hand anywhere and stating the amplification phrase that will raise the amplification between -99%-100% in scale).
amplification between 1-100% in scale)



The Torus Bed Kit uses the power of the Source Point Center located within the center of your cells, chakras, and acupoint meridians to detoxify, cleanse and purify every cell within your body. This purification of every cell happens gradually and in a short time, your body feels replenished and revitalized. You feel stronger, healthier and balanced as your body is repaired on a physical, mental, emotional, vital, akashic, and karmic level!


The Torus Bed Kit when activated can be used by multiple others (including pets and plants). When you activate the Torus Bed, others can reap the benefit of its healing effects together.

Yes! Humans, animals and even plants can reap the benefits of using the Torus Bed.

The Torus Bed Kit has no age limits as it balances the energy of each person through the monitoring of their circadian rhythm. Everyone who uses the Torus Bed Kit will have the appropriate amount of healing energy working with them.

Yes! As long as your body is making weighted contact (not skin contact) with the bed sheet, duvet cover and pillow case, you will receive the benefits of the Torus Bed Kit. You are more than welcome to have other coverings over it as long as you are in physical contact with the components of the Torus Bed.

If the Torus Bed feels too intense for you when you have activated it with no amplification, you can refer to the Torus Bed Kit instruction PDF manual on how to turn off the bed function.​

If you are working with the amplification function of the Torus Bed Kit, it would be recommended to start of with small percentages of amplification at first (e.g. - 5% or 10%) and maintain that rate of amplification for at least a week, and then feel free to amplify the bed every 5% or 10% for the next week and continue with this pattern.

If you are not feeling any sensation from the bed, feel free to increase the amplification. However, even if you are not feeling any sensations, that does not mean the bed is not working on you, it just means you're not on the level of energetic sensitivity to feel it. If this is the case, continue to work with it more overtime and you will start to feel it more as time progresses.

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