Aether Transmuter Duffel Bag

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With the Aether Transmuter, the transcendental codes included in the geometrical symbol helps to eliminate bacteria, preserve clothing, enhance food and liquids, as well as deliver a purified potent level of life force energy to anything you wish to store inside. The transmuter also has EMF/ELF and toxic environment safeguarding preventing bombardments of dirty electricity around your body as you wear your transmuter duffel bag while you're on the go! The Aether Transmuter contains an amplification command that can be set from -99% to 100% to amplify its effectiveness.

Lightweight and durable, our custom-printed duffel bags are a great way to express yourself! Perfect for the gym, a day-trip, or for any other mobile storage need! Easy to carry with you in your hands or around your shoulders, these duffel bags are ready to go anywhere!

.: Material: 100% polyester Oxford canvas
.: Small and large size available
.: Black, adjustable, durable strap with shoulder pad
.: Custom name tag sewn inside
.: NB! Size tolerance 0.5" (1.3 cm))
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Length, in 19.00
Height, in 9.50
Width, in 9.50
Main strap length, in 27.56
Handle height, in 10.98
Handle width , in 1.50


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Transmuter Mode

The Aether Transmuter contains a single mode… Transmuter

Transmuter Mode: works
to transmute, neutralize, purify, enhance and strengthen all living and material contents contained inside the bag of the Transmuter.

The Transmuter uses the power of the Spirit Source Center imbued in the center of the Transmuter symbol as its power source to perform all functions in keeping living contents with the Transmuter bag preserved, fresh, and detoxified of any harsh debris.

how to use it

The Aether Transmuter contains a geometrical pattern that contain meditative AetherX codes that enable instant life force energy (prana) to transmute living contents within the bag, and neutralize harmful environmental toxins.



The Aether Cloth has been designed to receive the residual prana from your solar plexus (the ocean of prana) and distribute the living prana throughout all areas of your body that is in physical contact with the geometrical pattern upon the Aether Cloth.


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