Source Laser Pen (Sold Out)
Source Laser Pen (Sold Out)

Source Laser Pen (Sold Out)

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Introducing our second living spirit technology in electronic form. The Source Laser Pen is identical to its predecessor, the Source Flashlight where it radiates the Source Center Vibration and the Kundalini Healing Power where it is applied on the body through its 633 nanometer laser beam. Think of it as a thinner and more compact Source Flashlight. It takes two AAA batteries to operate, and batteries are not included.

The AetherX Source Laser Pen is a small, yet effective healing light tool that is designed to bring the body back into harmony within a matter of minutes. The Source Center Vibration is potent through its powerful concentration of light. When you turn the flashlight on, make light to skin contact for the best results and witness all discomfort fade away in a matter of minutes with this incredible light healing technology!

The Source Laser Pen also contains coding to work with your own inner Kundalini Healing Power. This does not involve a kundalini awakening or activation. What it involves is working with the spiritual intelligence of your body to guide prana from within your body into areas that are compromised through physical degradation, toxicity, and more and discharge the debris from your body. This occurs while the Source Center Vibration works to charge the affected areas unifying them back into harmony. Through the Source Center Vibration and the Kundalini Healing Power, you are receiving both a charge and discharge of affected areas assisting in their renewal and rejuvenation.

The AetherX Laser Pen comes with an instructional document on how to use the light healing technology. The Laser Pens are black in color and comes in three different light beam colors (Red, Green, Blue/Purple).



Our AetherX Transcendental Codes modifies modern light tools into a powerful Source Center Vibration device to rejuvenate any area of your body. Within a matter of minutes, you will feel pains, aches, sores, stiffness fade away. Each Light Technology comes with its own set of instructions, so be sure to read it over before working on your body.


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