3D Source Light Mandala w/ Stand & Remote Control App
3D Source Light Mandala w/ Stand & Remote Control App
3D Source Light Mandala w/ Stand & Remote Control App
3D Source Light Mandala w/ Stand & Remote Control App

3D Source Light Mandala w/ Stand & Remote Control App

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Introducing our latest BioScalar & BioMagnetic Source Light technology: The 3D Source Light Mandala!

Download our PDF Instructions above.

(Please allow 3-5 business days for us to complete your Mandala as each order is custom-produced for every customer. Thank you.)

This unique technology offers healing energies for both yourself and your environment. The geometrical mandala includes imbued codes designed to purify the air of your space transmuting positive ions into negative ions, and to convert dirty EMF into enhanced clean EMF. It also works with the cells of your body increasing their millivoltage to the 70-90 Millivolt range increasing your immune system, body vitality, and optimization of your body's organs, glands and internal systems.

The LED ring is also BioScalar & BioMagnetically enhanced radiating harmonious color vibrations filling your space enhancing body, mind and environment. The LED ring is configured with an internal Scalar-based Fibonacci calibration enhancing the healing energy field of the 3D Source Light Mandala up to a range of 300 feet (similar to the Scalar strength of the RAYD8® Free Version app).

The 3D Source Light Mandala also includes a stand and a remote control where you can customize the LED light sequence mixing colors into its patterned display enhancing your space with its BioScalar, BioMagnetic Light and Fibonacci healing sequence.

The 3D Source Light Mandala can be plugged in using a USB port outlet. It would be recommended to have a USB plugin adapter for your wall socket or a USB extension cord to position it in high places. The 3D Source Light Mandala comes with printed instructions on how to use the LED remote control.



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