Amethyst Cluster 3D Array

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AetherX Amethyst Cluster 3D Array imbued with Scalar and BioMagnetism to charge the cells of your body to assist in self-healing.

The beauty of Amethyst with the power of the Source Vibration radiating through its majestic purple crystals to enhance your health and clear your environment. The Amethyst Cluster 3D array contains transcendental codes that command the Source Vibration imbued within it to neutralize EMFs, ELFs, toxins in the air, as well as personal detoxification of your physical and energetic bodies, along with everyone else within your household!

Upon activation, you can also amplify the charge of the Amethyst Cluster 3D Array to expand and radiate the Source Vibration field through the imbued transcendental commands contained from within it.

This takes the power of the Amethyst crystal to the next level as it performs the true healing work it is designed to thanks to the help of the AetherX Transcendental Codes!

Our Amethyst clusters are available in standard geodes and heart-shaped clusters as well! A perfect gift for members of the household that offers the greatest present to improve health for both the body and environment!


Material: Amethyst Geode
Activation Required? Yes.
Amplification Available? Yes.
Geode size: Avg. 7-10 cm
Weight: Avg. 300-400 grams

Geometrical Design: Some have 3D Array stickers, some do not due to uneven texture at bottom of Geode. All Geodes without stickers will have an accompanied card guaranteeing AetherX Transcendental Code imbuing. Do not remove sticker if Geode is accompanied with it as this contains the Transcendental codes for it.

Production Time: None. Immediate In-house Shipping.

Gwen's Experience with us

"My first experience with the Aether Bed Trial Symbol was a few days ago. I put one symbol inside my pillow case and used one on my stomach. As I laid on my bed I relaxed and tuned in to the energies. It felt like 5th and 6th dimensional energies all around me and I noticed I was smiling. I can't wait to experience the complete Aether Bed with these symbols all throughout. This was a great sample. Thank you Brad."


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